About Us

Hi and welcome to Little Farmers Club!
We are sisters Lucy and Amy from a farm in Kent. Our childhood was spent in muddy dungarees, building forts out of hay bales and making bug hotels from various food containers. We were also lucky enough to learn about how food is produced from a young age, whether it was by sitting on our grandad's lap in a tractor as he planted cauliflowers in a field, or by seeing a van collecting veg for a local farm shop.
We truly believe that by being a part of the field to fork process as children, we have grown up with a love and understanding of our natural environment and gained a bigger appreciation for locally-produced food and ingredients. Best of all, it gave us a chance to spend time exploring the countryside, letting our imaginations run wild. We launched Little Farmers Club to offer young people from all backgrounds, the opportunity to experience the joy of farming and the great outdoors for themselves. 
About our boxes:
  • We design our boxes to help children enjoy and understand the importance of our natural environment.
  • Our 'Ready, Set, Grow' activities encourage healthy eating by making children part of the food production process. Who could turn down a bowl of their own home-grown strawberries?!
  • All our learning materials and activities are aligned with the school curriculum and approved by UK teaching professionals.
  • Our boxes are created to be as environmentally friendly as possible by using natural materials and minimising single-use plastic.
  • All our seeds and grow instructions can be tailored to all home environments whether you're in the countryside or the big city.

We are always on hand to help you and your Little Farmers along their farming journey. Check out our Instagram for regular updates and further learning materials.
From Lucy and Amy