Our Workshops

We bring the hands-on fun and excitement of farming to schools and nursery groups across the UK with a huge variety of activities suiting all ages. Our mission is to get young people from all backgrounds to find their inner farmer and experience the day to day tasks that sees our food go from field to fork! Ready, set, GROW!

Some examples of our workshop activities include:

  • 'Grow your own' tutorials using our raised plant beds
  • Dip your hoof in Dairy Farming: From udder to ice cream!
  • Painting with veggies
  • Eggciting world of eggs
  • Feed the farmer game

Example of farm visits we organise and coordinate for school and nursery groups:

  • Lambing Live: A trip to visit a local flock and feed the newest additions, followed by a trip to a wool maker.
  • Harvest special: See the mighty combine harvester in action followed by a trip to a local bakery to see how we turn wheat into bread for our morning toast!
  • Veg Farmer for a Day: A trip to a local veg farmer to learn about the veggie journey from field to fork!
  • Dairy Farming: An exclusive tour of a local dairy herd and parlour followed by a trip to an ice cream factory!

For more information on our workshops, get in touch via our contact page.